Children's Festival of Welsh History 2016

The Busking Bard

Anni Llŷn Actor - Anni Llŷn

Show/ poetry workshop (in Welsh only) with Anni Llŷn

Anni, dressed as a medieval poet, will portray the bards who would travel from one castle to the next, distributing the news and entertaining the castle Lords, Ladies, noblemen and women.

The show will start with a lively and funny introduction to the history of the medieval busking tradition that the bards of Wales did from castle to castle. She will explain that she is very very old, and her memory is fading and that she might need some assistance to find the correct words, so that she can complete her poems. She’ll recite/rap/sing a poem where some of the rhymes and adjectives are missing. The children will shout out words that might fill in the gaps. Then, the busking bard will encourage the children to think of the modern ways we share news today. Together they will write poetic tweets, to share with other children throughout Wales …and the world.

Anni Llŷn is the 2016 Children’s poet laureate in the Welsh language. Originally from Sarn Mellteyrn in the Lleyn Peninsula, she is already well known to the children of Wales as one of S4C’s STWNSH presenters.

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